To Teach or Not to Teach II

The teacher
kevin dooley / Foter / CC BY

So, you’re interested in teaching art.

It fits with your personality and world view.

You think that multiple art revenue streams is a great idea and teaching fits with your life.


You’re worried about retaining your originality.

You don’t want to teach gobs of eager students how to copy you.

You don’t want anyone stealing your style.

We understand. We get it. We talk about it today on the podcast.

Here there be links:

(the ones I mentioned on the Podcast. I feel like I’m missing some though…)

In “How to Grow Your Art Biz by Teaching”, Marianne Broome and I discuss all the ways that teaching can grow your art biz, grow your audience, exposure and sales.

Marianne talks about her own teaching path, how she’s been able to get past the major hurdles to teaching as a professional artist, such as time from the studio, and the problem of copyists.

If you’d like more info on “How to Grow Your Art Biz by Teaching”, click the link.

Or if you’re ready, you can buy now and get started.

MarianneCoverMarianne generously shares her 20 years experience of Montessori teaching & years of working as a full time painter in our audio class.

She provides 80 minutes of in-depth information on how to use teaching art as a foundation in building a successful art business.


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