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I’ve often referred to Michael Cho as my Yoda. He’s kind, patient, talented and always supportive of me and other ‘new to the field’ comic-type people. This is still true, despite debating on Twitter about Salinger when he died, and disagreeing over whether his unpublished works should be made public or not.


I Think Yoda Was Wrong

Michael believes it’s the artist’s right to do whatever they want with their art, even if that means burning it all down at their own funeral pyre. I understand the point – but wasting art is a travesty. No one develops in a vacuum – Salinger himself was nourished and inspired by the creative works of others. Taking his own writings and keeping them unpublished, even after he dies  is like breaking the links in a chain of creative inspiration. You can bet that Salinger was holed up in his house rabidly consuming the writings of others –

I think you’re kind of a selfish dick if you don’t share your creative work.


Haunted by Holes

I was haunted for months (and still am from time to time) by the thought of transformative works of art, writing, stories or ideas not making it out in the world where they can have a real impact.

What’s been lost because the artist didn’t think it was good enough to share? What do we lose when the budding creative child isn’t supported or encouraged to continue with their creative path? I hate thinking of all the impactful work that can change minds and enlarge perspectives being lost to us.


Waiting Builds Character. Shut up.

It really bothered me to think of all this potential creativity being squandered – all these connections and innovations lost because a crucial piece was missing… I wonder how far afield art can go – can it inspire change and breakthrough in science and politics?  Can it change an individual mind that will go on to shape cultures and countries? How big is art? How big can it be?

In retrospect this was why I quit webcomics, I just didn’t know it for over a year.

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