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rp_mailchimp-day-one-1-default-lightbox.jpgI made a thing.

I made a class thing to help you set up your email list with MailChimp easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy.

33 Days of Mailchimp is a class to show you step by step, all the everything that you’d ever want to know about

  • subscriber lists
  • opt-in forms
  • interest groups
  • auto responders
  • click reports
  • segregating your list
  • email templates… and, well.. a LOT of stuff.


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Listen here. Let’s talk comics with Ramón. Here it is. Listen to the dulcet tones of the ever handsome Ramón. Cringe at the mystery cougher and weird scuffling sounds on the mic. (Seriously, we have no idea where that came from.) …the line quality… the LINES. THE LINES. Celebrate the herculean constitution of Debangshu Moulik […]

So… you like the comics? Dream of a career in comics drawing Spiderman? TOO BAD. Ramón Pérez has that job and he’s not giving it to YOU. But you can listen to him talk about how he got to be so dapper. You can ask also him questions. Specifically, how you can get dapper in […]

In today’s podcast I talk about CentUp – a new launch that pairs blogs and donations with charities of our choice. It’s not for every art biz, but may be something to consider. Listen to the podcast to learn more. Instead of a donate button – add a CentUp button to your blog. You open […]

Today we cover a myriad of comic making tools – supports, pens and scanners in particular.

The old school method of stretching watercolour paper using plywood board, a staple gun and brown butcher tape. Still the best method for really wet watercolour techniques. NO BUCKLING.

Podcast #2 is up and in the feed pipe. I’m going to figure out this iTunes thing before the year is out. Oh yeah. In today’s podcast we talk about the fear of starting and being awkward. It gets better. I promise.   Transcribed Wordy-Type Option:   Hello and welcome to Art Answers & Ampersands. […]