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Hello and welcome to Art A&A number 18. I am Lezley Davidson with The Artist as

Today I am going to share with you my number one tip for marketing for artists:

Stop marketing to other artists.

Stop marketing to other artists. Stop marketing to other artists. Stop marketing to other artists. Stop marketing to other artists.

Images by John ‘K’ / Foter

I understand the value in networking with other artists on Twitter on deviant on Flickr on Tumblr… It’s great to share our art, to be inspired – it’s great to network’s  – it’s fantastic and valuable and needed and necessary.

However, consider that other artists are not your target market.

They may be a portion of the market they may be a small portion of your market… but the fact is:

Other artists will never value your work as much as nonartists do, as much as collectors do, as much as publishers do.

Other artists are never going to want to pay the price that you can get from someone who’s a non-artist – they’re doing art themselves they will not place the same value on it as a non-artist does.

Understand That You Have Strange and Wonderful Magic

For a non-artist there’s a level of magic in what you do, there’s a a level of awe to your ability to create beautiful paintings, beautiful illustrations – to be able to manipulate brush and pen and colour and value and all of the magic that you do as an artist.

That is lost on other artists. They already know about the magic. They are “meh” about your magic.

Stop trying to sell to people who DON’T think you’re made of magical awesome art particles.

Holy Shit – Pricing… geezus

Okay the pricing… don’t price for what you think it’s  valued at as an artist.

Don’t price your work for what you think other artists will value it at to buy, because it’s not the same as what a non-artist will pay.

Embrace your magical artistry and embrace the mystery and the awe of your ability to create beautiful works of art and then look for people who want to pay you for that… and they are not other artists.

Enjoy deviant for networking. Enjoy Tumblr and Flickr and Twitter for the networking that you get from other artists. Enjoy some commissions and smaller works or whatever that you will get through other artists but do not think that that is your core market.

It is not.

The quicker that you start looking beyond other artists the quicker you’ll be to start making actual money.

Okay thanks for your time I will see you guys next week. If you like the podcast head to iTunes and give me a comment or rating – that would be awesome some okay thanks a lot!

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