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Listen here. “Do I HAVE to care about branding my art biz?” I’ve been hearing that lately. Today I weigh in on that question and talk about what branding can do for you and when you’ll be okay to never think about branding again.

It’s common – and really, after a big promotional push of related blog posts, emails, scheduled social media updates, snail mail, videos, press releases and pinterest posts – OF COURSE you’re done… right? Nope.

This is one part of a multiple series. Click here for the full series about marketing in the art world. A couple weeks ago I posted about The Art World Pyramid. In it, I posted about 3 major categories of the art world: “The Academics” “Pretty Pictures” “The Merch Artists” Now I’m podcasting (as promised), […]

This is the second in a 3 part series. Click here for the whole series on art marketing for different categories. I know how derogatory “Pretty Pictures” sounds and that’s not what I mean. The vast majority of this category is really beautiful art. A major recurring theme appears to be a quest for beauty… […]

This is the first in a 3 part series. Click here for the full series about marketing in the art world. “The Academics” are the upper-echelon of the art world. Most artists have post-secondary art degrees and often go on to post-graduate work and obtain Masters and Ph.D’s in Fine Art. Art history and the […]

Today we talk about how networking is the single cheapest way you can boost your art biz. It’s uncomfortable, to start – but business is about relationships and trust.

There’s been a lot of talk about the decrease in page visibility and promoted posts on Facebook pages. If you don’t want to pay, you can, however, ask the people that like your page to add your page to their “Interests Lists”.

The Universal pot is abundant and self-reproducing and infinite. EVERYONE can be successful and abundant. There is NO limit to success.

Things would be pretty boring if we were all living in shiny, bright perfection.
It’s our quirks and flaws and even our missteps, that make us interesting.