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Here's the finished piece - click to get in on the full video.

Here’s the finished piece – click to get in on the full video.

Ahoy there!

We’re all about ‘watercolouring’ these days.

I’m putting together a Free Learn to Watercolour course to give everyone the opportunity to learn foundation skills in watercolour.

I’ll be showing you how to paint in watercolour using foundation skills.
We’re also posting a “watercolour minute” which is a short minute video of the essential skill pulled from the full class.

Today’s Watercolour Minute is:

The Flat Wash



Upcoming Watercolour Skills:



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So I finally got around to testing out the Kizara Wood Pad with some mixed results. I tested graphite, felt tip, brush pen, watercolour and Copic markers.

What I can do is record my current process for creating this Tarot deck. So here it is…

This is how I take a blue-lined, inked page and get it ready for colouring.

I ordered a bunch of my favourite felt tip brush pens and they arrived super quick!

– so I thought I’d share with you my love of the Kuretake disposable brush pen.

Multiple light layers are better technique for coloured pencils than pushing harder to make them darker. Also, don’t drop them. Ever.

I’m a big fan of Daniel Smith specialty colours like Moonglow and Rose of Ultra – but I’d rather know what goes into these paints since they are mixed pigment tubes. So I tested to see if I could mix them myself.

Okay – so no joke, we test out Daniel Smith DuoChrome and Interference colours.

I was pretty stoked… and then not so much because there is very little difference between these and the acrylic interference colours. (Which I use on my watercolour paintings to get iridescent and pearl or interference colour effects.)

But I guess it’s good to know that they’re available in watercolour.

So begins a small excursion into colour charts and comparisons and pigments and lightfastness and composition and other lovely stuff associated with paints and painting.

We look specifically at Holbein Irodori colours and random Daniel Smith colours – the random being it caught my eye and I wanted to see what it looked like.

Screen filler and drawing fluid is a way for you to get handmade, calligraphic, natural, organic strokes in the screen printing process.