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Leo Reynolds / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

If you missed it, this is the second part of our discussion around the artist’s relationship to money and abundance.

The first instalment can be found at Nice Artists Don’t Talk About Money.
So, we’ve covered the whole “creatives-and-money-abundance-failure-pile”…

NOW it’s time to actually offer up some tools to take the “root of all evil” by the ballsack and make manifest with the abundance.

Am I right?

All the feels.

Try to keep a bead on your emotions when you’re talking &/or thinking about money.

Try to identify how you’re feeling:

  • scared
  • vulnerable
  • angry
  • betrayed
  • powerless
  • (obviously not an exhaustive list – I’m just throwing it out there)

Be aware of the “trigger” words like can’t, never, and always when you consider your own money situation. These are strong judgement terms and are often used in self-talk when we’re in the process of limiting our own opportunities and creating restrictions to our abundance.

  • I can’t sell/make money/get ahead/save/get a gallery
  • I never sell anything/win an award/get accepted
  • I’m always broke/in debt/behind/scrambling…

Don’t talk about a temporary situation in permanent terms.

Stormy Weather Approaches
Domiriel / Foter / CC BY-NC

Awareness of our words and feelings are a barometer for our truly honest beliefs about money. They’re also the doorway to help get to the root of what’s really going on with our dysfunctional relationship with money and abundance.

…and remember, the root of the discomfort is learned. It’s not objective truth or “the real world”. What was learned can be unlearned and then relearned to create a more joyful life.

Us vs. Them

This one is brutal.

Keep an eye on how you respond to stories of other artists who have become successful.

Check your emotional response. Are you:

  • happy
  • proud
  • elated
  • joyful
  • jubilent
  • congratulatory
  • hopeful?
  • Or are you…

  • bitter
  • rejected
  • resentful
  • dismissive
  • derisive

Do you see yourself in any of the following?

  • Talking negatively about artists with success?
  • Think that they’ve sold out?
  • Malign their talent?
  • Assume they “know someone” who gave them a lucky break?
  • Speak disparagingly about their personal life?
  • Enjoy sharing stories of their failures?

We’ve all done something on this list at one time or another. Of course, it’s pure jealousy… and it’s actually something even more damaging.

Scarcity vs. Abundance Thinking

Foter / Public Domain Mark 1.0

These two very unique responses to the success of another artist illustrate fundamentally, the difference between a poverty/scarcity belief pattern and one of abundance.

Scarcity believes that there isn’t enough success to go around. Scarcity is the belief that there’s only one big pie and the more pieces that get cut out means there’s less of a chance for us to get one.

It’s the belief that the person with the success is “special” and different from us. That they’re marked for the good things, and we’re just not invited.

Abundance finds joy and celebration in another’s success. Abundance is happy for anyone’s success, because abundance knows that success breeds more growth and learning and more success means opportunities for everyone.

Honest, heart-felt jubilance over another’s success creates hope and opportunity because honestly, people like that are just way more fun to be around.

Neither of these two ways of seeing are REAL or TRUE.

It’s what you CHOOSE to BELIEVE. It’s really that simple.

(I said simple. I didn’t say it was easy.)

You can choose to change how you see $$

The choice part is very important.

Nothing happens until you choose. Even “not choosing” is a chose by default.

Choose to value the abundance you receive by how it can go back out into the world and help others. Being financially sustaining in your art biz gives you the time to teach and create more art that connects and energizes and beautifies peoples lives.

Being paid cash money to create art isn’t selfish. It’s not charity.

It’s fair trade.

It’s what you came here to do.

For f*ck sake, value your gifts.

13/52: Nuevo
anieto2k / Foter / CC BY-SA

Accept that your art is what you’re here to offer the world.

Accept that this is right. And good.

Now practice every day accepting more abundance in life around your art. Start with praise if you have to.. You gotta start the abundance train somewhere.

Just choose to see it differently. Just start.

That’s how the life-changing stuff happens.

That’s how we “change the world”.

Choose to change how we see the world. Choose to change what we believe about our world and…

The world is transformed.



I’m not discounting effort, commitment and discipline.
Those too.

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Limiting beliefs impact our ability to create flow and abundance. What we think and believe about money and our relationship to money will impact how we see the world – even affecting our ability to see and act on opportunities.

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