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This is the second in a 3 part series. Click here for the whole series on art marketing for different categories.

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 2.43.33 PMI know how derogatory “Pretty Pictures” sounds and that’s not what I mean.

The vast majority of this category is really beautiful art.

A major recurring theme appears to be a quest for beauty…
but Pretty Pictures was alliterative and well, it won.

So… no disrespect intended. Pretty Pictures it is.

“Traditonal” Artists

This is a really large category where I’ve included hobbyists and professionals earning a living from their art all together in one big lump.

If it makes you feel better – you can imagine the professionals closer to the top of the pyramid.

The professionals are those who are gallery represented, but aren’t participating in the academic dialogue of the art history movement. It’s unlikely these professionals will get a blurb in a future university art history text.


This group is free to paint whatever moves them, which is often landscapes, still life, florals, nudes and wildlife scenes. They can include impressionist and abstract expressionist painters, but more often will be representational realism. (See… pretty pictures – it fits!)

For most of these artists, politics and critiquing society are not on their agenda and they represent, on the whole, the closest to what most of us consider a “traditional” artist. They make art in their studio. They show and sell.

Some of the artists may dabble in prints but original art sales tends to make up the bulk of their sales.

The goal for most of the artists in this category is gallery representation. In today’s market that’s not sufficient and will still require a marketing plan and self-promotion by the artist themselves.

A few artists I know who are making a good living in this category are Marianne Broome, Derek Wicks, Michele Rose and Cesan d’Ornellas Levine.

So, how do you build a business in this kind of art world?
Click here on September 2nd to find out.

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