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Artist Myth #12: You Can Succeed Only in New York (or any other Art Mecca)

New York City is one of the most eclectic art scenes in the world for artists and visitors. Symbols of artistic recognition and fame include prominent museums, leading edge galleries, cutting edge artists, top art critics, and trade shows like Art Expo. It’s no wonder that the city has such mystique for artists as the dream destination. A related myth is that you can be successful only if your work is in the iconic magazine Art in America. Not true! ~Aletta de Wal


You Can Thrive Anywhere

an untrained eye / Foter

There are successful artists everywhere, in all communities. The Gallery pathway is fading; still a legitimate avenue, but long gone are the days when getting picked up by a gallery signalled the beginning of a steady viable income… though, I’m not sure that was ever the case for all but the most promoted and business saavy artists.

The success of most businesses when cultivating a niche market, means that your audience is unlikely to be limited to gallery sales, OR a geographic focus that a bricks and mortar gallery can create.

In fact, growing a small but dedicated audience may mean you never need a gallery to show at all.

Revenue Streams Sidebar

What’s better than one stack of cash?

2 stacks.

Even better yet – how ’bout 5?

That’s basically the premise for creating more revenue streams.

If one stack of cash dries up – there are 4 more to take care of you while you’re creating more and more avenues to earn.

This is smart.Learn More SF

It’s the way to recession-proof your biz.


Global Access

The internet + affordable global shipping has exploded the opportunity to expand your potential audience to include people from all over the world.

New technologies and POD (print on demand) operations provide infinite scalability to the consumption of your art.

This is a new world. Truly.

Be Octopus-Like

©Veronica Guzzardi

©Veronica Guzzardi

The key to any small business success is to cultivate many arms to your business. The multiple streams business model will give you more opportunity and more sales, but also give you more financial stability since you won’t be wiped out if one of your income streams suddenly becomes obsolete or tanks.

Having multiple income streams allows you some buffer room to develop new ideas to market and grow your business without sacrificing time in the studio.

In addition to the link above, consider the following as potential income streams:

All are expanding the market and flexibility of how/where/when you offer you art. The beautiful part of these models is that you create the work once and get paid for it again and again.

Ultimately, It’s Still Up to You

The success of your art business depends upon you creating a valuable product that people want to buy and cultivating an audience that will support your art by buying.

You still have to market. You still have to promote. You can’t set up these services and suddenly expect people to come buying – you still need to work your art marketing plan.

None of the suggested streams work if you don’t cultivate and nurture a loyal audience… but that audience (and you) can be anywhere.


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There is no shortage of artists producing very good work. I see lots of it every day. It takes more than just believing in yourself as an artist and creating good art to have an art business.

If there’s no sense of scarcity, there is no reason to buy TODAY.

Zig Ziglar came up with the 5 objections to buying: No NEED. No MONEY. No HURRY. No TRUST. No DESIRE.

Today we talk about the Walnut Art App, iViewArt and Motion Portrait and how it’ll help us display and promote our art and images better.