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WaxBasedResistsWe’re on a resist kick this month and let’s texture it up with more wax-based options.

Ta dah!

Oil pastels should be included here, but I was too lazy (and cheap) to get some just for this video.


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This is one of my favourites. It behaves more like a watercolour paper – but with a rice paper flavah.

This is a traditional Chinese practice paper and I really like how it takes ink. You can’t really blend watercolour at all, but you can spot colour a pen and ink illustration really well.

This month I tested 10 rice papers with watercolour, acrylic, micron & copic pens and my trusty Pentel brush pen.
If you like to skip ahead – my favourites were Kawairi Chiri, Masa & Kingin.

I’m continuing my Copic marker tests on a variety of supports. This time it’s our plastic paper friend, Yupo.

The Kanji series paintings are all created using molding paste as a texture base. In this video I record the process I use to create a highly textured base and “carve” the kanji from the molding paste using palette knives and my fingers.