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I tested out a bunch of old school nibs to give you an idea of the kinds of strokes they make.

I was kinda digging the Copic markers on the wood pad – so I did a whole pumpkin marker drawing and I’m not hating it.

So I finally got around to testing out the Kizara Wood Pad with some mixed results. I tested graphite, felt tip, brush pen, watercolour and Copic markers.

Pebeo Prisme Fantasy & Moon paint demo and giveaway!

Art supply haul from Above Ground Art Supplies. Yay!

I taught myself how to use Photoshop – so this is just my way of filling, flatting and creating shade and shadow. It’s all pretty limited – but it gets the job done in a way that I really like.

Hope it’s useful to you too.

Clouds are fun to do.

You can’t really screw them up… unless you fuss around with them too much – and I kinda did a bit on the ‘blotting’ clouds.

Annoy everyone, be a skeezy pants marketer – how to make a pop-up opt-in form.

I was watching videos by Crisco Art who paints glow in the dark paintings.

I know what acrylics can do that so I thought I’d test one out for you before I try it in a painting.