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Another Toronto Lady Artist >> I love Cynthia’s whimsical watercolours. I love spending time in her visions and pouring over her layers and negative paintings.

She’s been impacting my own approach to watercolours.

You can find Cynthia on Instagram & her shop on Tictail.

Cynthia Liu:

(I just pulled these off her latest on Tumblr)

©Cynthia Liu


©Cynthia Liu


©Cynthia Liu


©Cynthia Liu


©Cynthia Liu

Fucking LOVE this shit.
I got an original for my birthday. YAY ME!!! (yay Cynthia!!)
"Live creative."
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Okay – so no joke, we test out Daniel Smith DuoChrome and Interference colours.

I was pretty stoked… and then not so much because there is very little difference between these and the acrylic interference colours. (Which I use on my watercolour paintings to get iridescent and pearl or interference colour effects.)

But I guess it’s good to know that they’re available in watercolour.

You came here to be a mirror to others of the truth you feel in your soul. You did. It’s real. Go do it.

Welcome! Today we touch base with Veronica Guzzardi – our “going for it” girl. 2014 saw V jump off the cliff and take on the full time artist’s life as an illustrator and merch artist, making her living from POD. We check in to see what went on in 2014. 91 Illustrations on the Wall… […]

If no one is coming to our shows or connecting to our art – that’s our fault.

    Today, I interview Jennifer Gillooly Cahoon. We talk about her art career/process… teaching, Day of the Dead and the dead in general. What a great convo – thanks Jennifer! Jennifer is the full time Head Art Chair for a high school in Rhode Island and is also a prolific painter. The last year […]

Listen here. Today I interview my pal and professional full-time artist Kelly Grace. This is a monster interview – an hour an a half… we talk art and multi-media multiples and personal style and vintage hair… We gossip about the art scene in Toronto and I get to find out about some “copying shenanigans” that […]

I found Laurie Near during a search for “Canadian Artists” while preparing art projects for primary grades. How lucky for me. Laurie’s work gives me the feels and they make me want to buy her stuff. Lucky for her. Bad news for me since her work is priced between $300 – $3500… and most of […]

Carrying on with our Imaginism Studios series – we’ve got… Peter Chan! If I’m not mistaken (and please interwebz – let me know if this isn’t correct), I believe Peter Chan hooked up with Imaginism Studios through a co-op placement while Peter was attending Sheridan.