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They may have been ‘in the game’ for years, but their pearls of wisdom are coated in bile.
If you recognize any of these characteristics, smile and exit – quickly.

Bitter can be contagious.

Handy Jaded Artist Checklist:

  • every good word towards an artist or show quickly degenerates into what sucks or how it “should” be different.
  • “should” shows up a lot with this artist – they feel that there’s a lot that is wrong in the art world
  • they will never follow up a “should” with offers to help or a plan to change it

  • they will say derisive things about other artists – especially the ones who are doing well, or in the public eye. The successful have invariably “sold out” or “lost their edge.”
  • this will result in a tirade about the blindness and hypocrisy of the art world and the stupidity of the public at large

  • their work has not changed or evolved in years – but they blame everyone else for “not getting” what they’re doing
  • they haven’t shown in years
  • dismissive scorn appears in response to any mention of the marketing and promotion strategies you are trying
  • they have “done it all” and it “never works”

  • they blame individuals, galleries, or ‘society’ for the current state of their art career

These artists may be sweet and charming people, but beware the jaded, bitterness – run away!!

You want to cultivate nourishing, nurturing encouragement and grounded, solid advice from people who want to see you succeed, not add you to the reasons why the art world is doomed to fail.

Do you have any other ways to identify the bitter artist? Please add them to the comments – thanks!

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