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I talk to a lot of creatives who hate the blog.

Mighty blob indeed.

First – I want you to make a deal with yourself – this is…

The Mighty Blob Oath:


• Thall shall not write when thou hath nothing to say.

• Thall shall write only when thy heart is full of the feels – (whatever the feels, good or bad, it doesn’t matter).

• Thalt shall write only on topics that thou likest, regardless of what yon ‘experts’ may say.

• Thou shall not “shouldest” thyself to death.

• Thou shall not worry thyself about a “blog schedule” and only write when thou feelest moved and excited to do so.


Quick Blob Fix

Take a look at your existing blog – the hope for the blog is that people connect to what you’re communicating and will buy your art &/or service, join your email list or share images & posts with others.

  • Encourage people to sign up on your blog by keeping them on your site and staying engaged.
  • Keep them clicking by linking between posts about related topics.
  • Purposely search out posts related to your current writings and link to them.
  • Plan out and write a specific set of related posts approaching a sale or event and link between them like a bridge.

Paula Watters Jones keeps a rich and moving artists blog – it’s well worth the read and inspiration.

She’s even got a book – My Lyrical Journey: How I Painted my Heart Wide Open.


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Craft more interesting headlines to supercharge your click through to posts, events and sales pages.

Use a social media aggregrate publishing service like Hootsuite or Buffer. Experiment with their individual posting personalities to get your publishing just the way you like it.

The constant asking and reminding that you do this work is part of having a business. Don’t worry – It’s really way less obnoxious to the people in your life than you think it is.

It’s that time of year and I’m rolling into my fall nostalgia. I’m always melancholy around this time of year. It’s not a bad thing – and if you’ve never felt like this before, I might sound like an alien. …when the cool evenings come and the leaves start to turn (and they have started […]