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Godhead Temple  Hindu Sri_Mariamman_Temple_Singapore_3_amkThe Godhead is this great idea from Hinduism, primarily – that sees many manifestations of God as being part of the one indivisible Godhead. Not separate Deities – a manifestation of one Godhead…

It’s the closest image or thought that I’ve found that cleanly and simply presents the duality of truth that exists in the physically manifest world – we are all one, yet seemingly separate.

In one person there exists the infinite possibility of discovery.

Ideas, thoughts and dreams – all possible of changing our understanding of the world forever. So precious. So common. Everyone.

I’ve been putting off this project for almost 10 years because I didn’t know exactly how to approach it or what media/style/form it would take.

I had the great fortune of being asked to paint a portrait commission a couple months ago that put the how/what questions of this project at bay. Those questions are secondary and should arise only from the primary act of communing with another manifestation of the Godhead as I paint the portrait.


“Harry” ¬©Lezley Davidson 2015, watercolour & ink on cotton rag paper, 9″ x 12″

I spent 3 days with Harry in quiet reflection of this stranger who I felt so intimate with. A stranger whose life I wondered about for 3 days while I painted his likeness.

I have never painted any portrait without feeling a profound intimacy and connection with the subject.

I want to explore this further.

I considered posting this in “Learn to Art” since it is an art project, but it feels more spiritual exercise than art at this point.

Maybe that will change. I’m fine with it right now.

Share with me your own experiences are with portraits.

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