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The REAL meaning behind your list

Here’s where we get into the soft, squishy parts of your biz and connection with your audience that most people either don’t think about at all… or f*ck up completely (probably because they weren’t thinking about it at all).

The REAL benefit of communication with your list is the EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE that you provide for them every time they interact with your brand.

We’re artists & creatives, right – we’re already NOT selling accounting or data storage solutions. Artists are already the carriers and translators of the human emotional/spiritual experience. So what’s your unique emotional experience that you bring to your audience?

It may be your personality, your world perspective, your humour, playful mindfulness, snarky alcoholic sweariness… there are as many emotional experiences to a brand as there are personalities in the world, but..

YOUR PARTICULAR EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE is what’s creating loyalty with your customers.

There’s a lot of art out there. There’s a lot of different places that people can get their prints, originals, comics, jewellery…

…your people are coming to you because you give them something that they can’t get anywhere else – YOU.




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And the sooner you can figure out what it is in particular that your audience finds so compelling about you and the art that you create – the sooner you can start being CONSCIOUS of it and weaving it into all your marketing material, twitter feeds, facebook status updates and email list communications.



The Email List Feedback Win

When my list emails me – I LISTEN.

They are my direct market – I want to hear what they have to say.

And honestly – everything that I have planned to do with over the next year is a direct result of the feedback I’ve gotten from my list.

They are gold and will tell you what they want.

Pay attention to subscriber activity

Your list activity is a direct barometer of how relevant you are to their needs. Pay attention to your list!

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When my open rates fall – I take a look at what I’m sending out and check to make sure I haven’t lost touch with the particular emotional voice of my brand.

…and I use “brand” and “voice” and all of these buzzwords – but this is my innate personality… I’m not making this stuff up >> this is who I really am.

These are the parts of my personality that I’m consciously aware speak most resonantly to the needs of the particular pocket of the world I want to be working with, and be in service to.

Figure out what emotional experience you want to be creating in the world with your art. Figure out how you can deliver that experience, or an element of that experience to your audience in every interaction they have with you.

Then listen to them – and give them what they want.

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