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ruined brushI thought this might be a helpful video for the absolute beginner who might be overwhelmed with the whole process and need a bit of a hand on the cleaning end.

Taking care of brushes can extend their life and keep them behaving in ways you expect.

Getting the paint out of the ferrule is a priority to keep brushes in good condition – and it’s not always obvious how to do that.

One of my ex’s jammed one of my brushes in the sink drain and let the water pour down onto the centre of the bristles.

I don’t know for how long he left it – but he left a permanent part in the middle of my bristles!

I still haven’t forgiven him.

He needed to see this video.

How to not ruin your girfriends brush:



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This is my PSA about how to protect your brushes. Keep them in good shape, lasting longer. One thing – keep your cats away from them. Also, keep them out of the water.