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Airy-Fairy Woo-Woo or Just Good Sense?

Place de la république, Lille
gadl / Foter / CC BY-SA

When in doubt, I re-align my compass by following joy.

I let go of making AutoBio Comics and self-publishing my books and going to comic conventions.

I let go of what I thought was going to be my for sure creative path for my life because it didn’t feel right. I let it go to make space for what was coming next.

And then I shut up and watched for the joy-o-meter.


Now. Right Now. There is Joy.

Yes. Of course there is. Look for it.

IMG_1021In my day job there are pockets of joy that I began to recognize – helping an artist find exactly the right product to solve their art problem.

Explaining a technique that has been a stopping an artist from moving forward in their current work.

Teaching artists about social media and online marketing and how to build an email list…

Discovering systems online to automate business communications… investigating audio and video broadcasting options online – being constantly and consistently rendered speechless by the global AMAZINGNESS of the internet! These are my joys.

Joy is a signpost telling you which way to go*.


Then You Need to Give Yourself Permission To Go

IMG_1023Yah. Permission. I’ve had a small amount of time online to build a small following who have a particular view of who I am and what I do. There was some resistance within myself in going ahead and changing what I did online in case I disappointed those already looking and caring about what I did.

But that’s crap.

Not that my audience is crap – you guys are amazing. But I can’t make decisions rooted in fear of disappointing you, or worried about whether you’ll stop caring.

If my readers stop caring about what I’m doing then it’s better if they move on because they’re not really for me anyway.

It’s like dating – it’s better to be wholly and totally yourself and attract the right person, then try and be who you think they want and end up living a half life where no one’s really satisfied or feeling much joy.

Let’s go for joy.


*(I talk more about joy as a signpost in my free eBook “I Wish Someone Had Told Me”. Click to receive.)

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