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Art-World-Pyramid-TextI’ve been working in the visual art field since 1998.

My days are spent with artists from all genres of the art world – students, hobbyists, emerging, professionals, studio artists, gallery artists… you name it – I work with them on the daily.

In this realm, I’ve had the opportunity to watch, share and listen to the trends and movements in the art world.

I see 3 major categories emerging from within the visual art world (or maybe they’ve always been there and I’m just noticing. Could be.)

There’s some shift in between categories – with some artists and styles being represented in more than one category and a sliding scale existing within each group.

Consider each category and decide which fits best into your long-term art business goals and is aligned with your art business branding.

The point of the separation into categories is to illustrate that each distinct artist group needs a VERY different marketing plan to see success in their little art universe.

Click each of the links above to get a fuller explanation of each of these groups.

Over the next few weeks on the Art A&A podcast, I’ll be talking about the different marketing tactics required for each of these different art categories.

The podcasts will publish on their own, but I’ll make sure to come back to these pages and link them up for any of you book-markers out there.

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