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Wizard World Chicago – Day One

Wednesday August 10, 2011

Pre-flight to Chicago is looking good. I’m at the right gate and no one is calling my name “for the last time”. That was MoCCA. This is already looking better. Huzzah!

I set off security again and got wanded. This time my kneebrace was the culprit.

Secret spy brace.

Thursday August 11, 2011

Today Clare and I spent the day on the deck waiting for Sarah & Kevin to arrive from Baltimore. This was not really a bad thing.

Clare waiting.

Me waiting.

Our stuff waiting.

Then, while we were waiting, the kids discovered these CRAZY bugs – wings and elongated wasps bodies and super needles sticking out of their butts for burrowing into trees! Does anyone know what the heck these are???






Only in Chicago.


Host Dave found out that those bugs are a special kind of parasitic wasp that uses it’s long proboscis to LAY EGGS IN A LIVING BUT PARALYZED BEETLE. Jesus Christ, Shepherd of Judea… real life has greater fodder for nightmares.

RadioLab made a disturbing podcast about these and other parasites… listen for your pleasure, and goosebumps of creepiness:

I’ll post more pics and stuff about the actual con tomorrow because we were late and I literally finished setting up my table, the last piece of double-sided tape applied when the “convention floor is now closed” announcement sounded.


But then there was deep-dish.

After preview night we went to a place called Giordano’s for Chicago style deep dish. It’s all about the cheese.

Our deep dish.

My deep dish.

Deep dish Sarah.

Deep dish Kevin.

Deep dish Clare.

P.S. I’m posting from my phone and I think I borked things a little (…where’s the cover gone?). mrrrrrrrrr.

Wizard World Chicago

I’m going to America! …I also left booking my ticket so late that I’m spending $1300 for the convenience of a direct flight. #fail PLEASE COME OUT AND BUY MY STUFF!! (lul) I’ll be sitting in Artist Alley at BOOTH 3701 with Clare Moseley and Sarah Martinez and Kevin Bolk from Interrobang Studios, so come […]