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Writing this blog to you is one of my favourite things. 

I get to reflect on what’s really important and most vital, right now.

I get to have a little conversation with you in my head and then send it out into the ether…
…and frankly – it’s just funsies. I LIKE. 

Apparently, you like too because I started getting a lot of feedback about the emails – very positive, encouraging, wonderful feedback…

• “inspiring”…
• “motivational”…
• “can’t wait for it”…
• “my favourite email of the week”…
• “send more”…

Oh. Fuck. 
People are paying attention. 


Expectations are scary

See… it’s one thing to create encouraging, supportive, necessary and needed works when you think no one gives a shit. 

It’s VERY different when people are watching, when they want it… when they’re waiting for it. 

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m ecstatic that I’m connecting and writing and creating stuff that’s doing what it’s supposed to…

I LOVE supporting and encouraging artists to create. 

I LOVE supporting and encouraging creatives to BE BRAVE and SHARE and SEND YOUR WORK OUT INTO THE WORLD…. 

I LOVE reminding artists and creatives that they have an important and vital role in our society and that we all lose when you don’t create, when you don’t share…

…and because I love that so much – I immediately stopped sending out the emails and went and hid in the house. 
Because people care about what I’m doing.

I started second guessing myself…

• “Is it good enough?”
• “Is this what you need right now?”
• “Will you be disappointed?”
• “Am I letting you down?” 

Honestly… what a nightmare. 
And really…

Fuck you a little bit.

Not really fuck YOU, but fuck ME for putting YOU before ME.

I moved away from being guided by an inner compass of excitement and joy and need – to worrying about how you would receive my work and if it was what you needed or what you wanted. 

It paralyzed me because I moved my source of creation to a point outside myself. 

It’s difficult to create for the purpose of public consumption and not think or consider that public in the process…

…but you can’t. Not really. Not ever. 

The magic and the success of the creative process is that when we can get connected to our own source – our own voice and desire to create and express…

The clarity of that single connection becomes a universal connection. 

The better we can connect with:

• our interior guidance

• our truest creative desires and expressions

• clarity of message and expression

• clarity of purpose and relationship

… the more likely our work will resonate with others.

The more true and clear our work is for yourself, the more clear it will be for others.

The more our creating becomes an act of joy that you give as a gift to ourself – the more it will be a joy to others.

The key to your creative success is not figuring out what the public wants, nor studying trends or fads*… but by being in service to ourself.

• Be in service to the quiet voice that points the way to the greatest joy and excitement in creating.

• Be in service to your quiet truth.

• Be in service to getting the fuck out of the way and allowing the process to happen. 

Follow that lead and I guarantee you’ll have people paying attention…

…because the clarity of our connection to our creative source, signals to the source in all of us. 

Thanks for being a mirror. I’m constantly learning as I walk this path with you. 

*I’m not saying that you shouldn’t look to trends or fads, especially if you’re creating for merchandising & licensing… but that can’t be your only creative source if you want to produce work that connects to the public. 

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Now, I can’t move forward though, until I clean up – like it literally is a resistance within me to move forward into something new until I clean up.

I can’t start something new in the detritus of the past project. It’s like an inner/outer thing.

Getting grounded is the simple answer to a lot of the spin we can feel as creatives and spirit people.