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imageLife is mostly a mirror.

Sometimes we recognize how the image we see reflects us… more often though, we don’t. It’s a blessing when it’s obvious.

I love client calls.

They are my very favourite thing in my biz. More than the art (gasp), I love to connect to women in transformation.

That’s who my clients are – almost exclusively… They are women in transformation – in the midst of, or delaying (cough) or standing on the precipice of change.

Clients will, to a greater or lesser degree, mirror my own lessons and path back to me.

I am profoundly grateful for them – though the universe has a deeply ironic sense of humour…

If you are struggling with your purpose or with finding the expression of your joy or with what you want to do in this life to feel fulfilled and satisfied –

Now laugh – because that shit’s funny.

LIttle room filled with booksSeriously… That’s some funny ass shit.

Wanna give the world your inspirational fantasy novel?

Better get over those skills at procrastination.
Better learn how to push through the doubt and self-sabotage that makes us abandon the project half-way through.
Better find a way to trust that the story will come.
imageWanna give the world messages of the Divine Feminine? Wanna teach of the Goddess?

Better get over the fear of persecution.
Better learn how to push through the doubt and self-sabotage that makes us stop just short of saying what we REALLY mean.
Better find a way to trust that the words will come.
Wanna share with the world the truth of our innate worth & potential? Wanna share the good news that our desires are a map to our fulfillment?

Better get over any the fear of being vulnerable & exposed.
Better learn how to push throught the self-sabotage lies of “not worthy/not good enough”.
Better find a way to trust that the audience is ready.

Funnier still – the more you want it, the bigger the blocks will appear.
But take heart – all is not lost.

The Universe, she is laughing – but she laughs with us, not at us.

These blocks were never intended to stop us – just toughen us up so we can go and do this work in the world… and remember to laugh while we’re at it.

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