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So I bought myself some super expensive markers for funsies.

Actually, I bought them “for Cora” which is how I convinced myself to pay such a price. FOR THE CHILDREN!

While using them I figured there must be a way to DIY them myself with alcohol or something – so off to the YouTube I went and decided I wanted to TRY FOR MYSELF.

Here it is.

**Edit** A commenter on YouTube suggested I try using blending stomps dipped in alcohol. That sounds fantastic – must try next!

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I separate my paints by 3 categories: transparent, staining & granulating. So any pigment I have is falls into a yes or no state for those categories – then I’ve done my best to group them together in their categories by chroma.

I’m a big fan of Daniel Smith specialty colours like Moonglow and Rose of Ultra – but I’d rather know what goes into these paints since they are mixed pigment tubes. So I tested to see if I could mix them myself.

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