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SplitPrimaryColourWheelThis colour wheel changed how I mixed colours forever!!

It was a burst of lightening clarity and I FINALLY understood why I had so much trouble mixing all the colours I wanted with only 3 tubes of primary colour.


You CAN’T mix all colours with only 3 primaries

It’s impossible.

One of your secondaries will end up a neutral secondary (and if it’s orange, it often isn’t a big deal – but if it’s purple or green, it is SO NOT a proper secondary).

Learning which of your paints is WARM and which are COLD (relatively), will teach you SO much about how to effectively mix the colour you want.

Check out the video below and click HERE to join The Studio and download your own SPLIT-PRIMARY COLOUR WHEEL and WARM/COLD PAINT LIST.


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42 colour watercolour mixing chart separated into transparent, staining and granulation colours. Also includes mixing some Daniel Smith separating and granulating colours with transparent pigments.