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You don’t need to be different to create a life that you love.

There is nothing you need to do, learn, acquire, or create in order to take the first step towards living the life you want.

You don’t have to wait to be better, more worthy, more deserving of a joyful life.

Right now… right this second – you are enough.


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We’re all totally flawed and broken. Wounded, wrong and totally awesome. Trying to be Perfect I wasted a lot of time trying to be perfect. But the definitions and requirements of perfect changed depending on who was looking. I was always failing someone’s test, so I stopped playing. I gave up trying to be… anything […]

Most people think there is a special, elusive ‘talent’ that artist’s have that makes them good at art. This is The Talent Myth and it’s a load of crap.

The Universal pot is abundant and self-reproducing and infinite. EVERYONE can be successful and abundant. There is NO limit to success.

Love your way and embrace the value and uniqueness of your particular artistic style. Download your inspirational colouring pages to remember to LOVE YOUR WAY!

Things would be pretty boring if we were all living in shiny, bright perfection.
It’s our quirks and flaws and even our missteps, that make us interesting.

In order to do something well, you must first be willing to do it badly.

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This was a lot of fun to do and I hope to be able to do some more in the future. I think it’s important to surround ourselves with words of encouragement and positive support to keep us on track and facing the right direction. It’s easy to get diverted onto ideas that don’t support […]