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SFS #2 ~ Image & Identity

judgementTrick question – because I think it’s something we all do automatically without a conscious decision to do so.

I don’t even know if there is value judgement attached – we may just be categorizing people as we see them: pretty, tall, thin, fat, ugly, nice, funny, mean, shabby, crisp…

Recording description vs. assigning worth… but don’t those different words have inherently contrary values attached to them? Shabby doesn’t inspire confidence or capability and ugly is definitely a value judgement – and kind of a douchie one at that.

This is the long-standing conflict that I’ve fought internally since I was a child – the fight between stepping out into the world with my best foot forward and giving my best impression and the fact that appearances mean nothing in regards to a human beings’ worth and that for a segment of the population a fat person will always be a person of ridicule and incompetency.


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