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calvin-hobbes-calvin-26-hobbes-254155_1024_768I decided to use up the rest of 2013’s Feature Friday’s by sharing my very first loves in art.

My choices are not cool, inspired or particularly unique.

I loved the lovable.

And Calvin and Hobbes was ALL lovable.

photoMy high school boyfriend fanned the flames of my Calvin and Hobbes fascination.

He bought me all but one of my Calvin and Hobbes collections. (Thanks Michael.)

And I still return to the collections and read them…


They’re also the books that I’m most likely to tuck random photos and pieces of paper into that I don’t want to lose.

I use Calvin and Hobbes because I know I’m never going to throw them out… so the papers and photos are safe.

My Dad saved for me the very last Calvin and Hobbes comic that was printed in the newspaper.

It was actually very beautiful… but too sad for me to keep.


New things

Since finishing with Calvin and Hobbes, Watterson has pulled a Salinger.

He’s exceedingly quiet, doesn’t give interviews and has dropped out of any public sharing of whatever he may or may not be experimenting in with watercolour.

However, this months’ Mental Floss magazine has an interview with Bill Watterson – the first in years. Here is an excerpt.

Earlier in 2013, the documentary Dear Mr. Watterson was released.

It is not a deep documentary – Bill Watterson doesn’t make an appearance. It is a love letter of sorts – with various people sharing their experiences and connections to the comic strip.

For those in comics, there is an interesting discussion involving merchandising and the commercialization of comics that is foundation to the discussion of Watterson and Calvin and Hobbes.

Check out the trailers:

Yes, there are two of them.

I <3 Calvin and Hobbes that much.
(I named one of my cats Hobbes… he was striped, but grey – my own tiger.)

“Calvin and Hobbes showed me what comics could do.” [Tweet this quote.]

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