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Cover of Peeling Onions Volume II2010 was the last year that I was making comics 100%.

That was the year that I decided to promote and travel and show as much as I could and really go all out and advertise and build my comics audience as much as I could.

I had booths in New York, Chicago, Maryland and was set up for the third time at FanExpo in Toronto and several other local comic shows in the city.

I starting advertising with Project Wonderful on a variety of websites and FINALLY got my mailing list set up and starting taking names.

Pro Tip: Set up your mailing list as SOON as possible and start gathering subscribers. Seriously. Don’t wait. Do it first.

Taking stock of that year provided me with some interesting stats.

I’d sold enough books and merch to cover all my printing and production costs (yay!), but paid out of pocket for all travel and lodging expenses (boo).

I’d built my mailing list from zero to 150 subscribers over the summer (yay!). I added 30 – 50 names per convention (yay!), but had to continue finding new conventions and audiences to grow my comics business (boo).

I could see the growth. It was slow and organic and I knew that I could continue the current pace of conventions and travel to maintain the growth and spread the buzz about the comic.

I could even do more by pitching panel suggestions to convention organizers and asserting myself as an authority in that arena. I could hone my advertising dollars and expand my reach…

…but the key to expanding my comics audience was showing at conventions.

And I just didn’t want to anymore.

Not like that. Not the way it would be necessary to expand my business.

I love Keith. I love my house.

IMG_0103I love doing conventions and shows.

But I love doing maybe 2 a year, not the 2 a month that would be required if I was going to commit to a future in comics.

I don’t like traveling. I don’t like flying. I don’t like staying in hotels. I don’t like being away from my house or the love of my life.

I’ve gotten some flack for my preferences.

I had to take a good, long, hard look at what I really wanted my life to be and what I was willing to create and have in my life.

I’d waited for Keith for years. Meeting him was the recognition of a life long desire come true and an example of my belief in quantum magic.

He is the love of my life and I’d rather be with him than anywhere else in the world.

The truth is,
We don’t like going places or doing things.

We are quiet homebody people who would rather putter in the garden and bbq and cuddle on the couch than take trips abroad.

And suddenly, I no longer wanted to share my personal life with the world.

AutoBio No More

IMG_0040I spent 4 years sharing my life with the world easily and with gratitude.

Looking back, I believe my comic reading audience helped me get through 4 of the hardest years of my life.

My bad boyfriend decisions and my dying father all played out in public through my autobio comics. I think everyone reading helped me carry all the emotional weight during that time. By sharing my stories, they helped me carry on without falling apart.

My private life with Keith was suddenly something I no longer wished to share. It was just for us and I struggled with my stories.

I was at a crossroads. It was time to commit or quit.

After asking myself some tough questions, I quit.

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