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These are the squash and pumpkin.
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I have the one tray set up with the worms and food and shredded paper. There’s 3 more trays ready to go when the first is full and I should be able to harvest a full tray of dirt every month. I’ll keep you posted. – Posted using

Bedding and worms are in (they shun the light!). The ratio is 1:1 1/2 raw food to shredded paper/cardboard/dry leaves. I pureed up the raw veggies so they’ll break down quicker – I may not continue that practice. – Posted using

The worm bedding is a mix of a dried mulch brick they sent me, that I had to soak in water; mixed with a cup of active compost mixed with eggshells & shredded newspaper that came with the kit. – Posted using

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The big box is the worms… The timer is ‘cuz I’ve got a pizza in the oven – Posted using