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The_Art_Of_Asking_Book_Cover(remember – The Art of Asking and all that? TOTALLY KEY)

Go through your contacts list (not your email list > the real life people you know list); create an email group of the people you think are interested in and supportive of your style of art.

You can add people to this group as you meet them through your life and collect business cards and colleagues.

Write to one (or a few) people a week and ask them if they’d like to join your email list.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve talked, remind them about how you know each other. Be specific & personal about why you thought they’d be interested in what you’re doing.

Focus on how it would be valuable for them. Ask them to share with anyone else they think would be interested in what you do.

Include a link to your email list sign up form.

©2012 Lezley DavidsonLet them know that it’s totally okay if it’s not their cup of tea either – be kind, be polite…

Send one a week or every couple days or whatever you can manage. Go through the list and make a note in the contact when you emailed them to ask.

Also – don’t do this if you’re not happy with your sign-up form. Tweak that first.

The constant asking and reminding that you do this work is part of having a business. Don’t worry – It’s really way less obnoxious to the people in your life than you think it is. Seriously.

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