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Marietta Dinnella, one of my readers, sent me a link to a poster she put together and asked if I’d agree to be an “associate” (or influence) on this year’s incarnation.

After taking a look, I agreed and asked her if she’d let me post about it – because I think it’s a great idea, has a lot of potential and could be a good addition to your toolbox of promotional ideas.

I like that Marietta has included some of her business beliefs, like buying local and supporting small business.

I like that Marietta has included some of her business beliefs, like buying local and supporting small business.

All the things

SharsArchiveYou may choose a different presentation &/or design aesthetic, but the premise can be a useful addition to your marketing material.

Similar to Sharlena Wood’s use of archive images as a promotional postcard, this image can hi-light not only your best work, but also the reasons why you create in the first place.

Include images of art groups to which you belong and associations that you support. Have you ever donated your art or creative services to a cause you believe in? Include their logo on your poster.

Add any awards, kudos or accolades you’ve won for your efforts. Include logos of juried exhibitions, art groups and memberships that give background to your activities.

Make sure it’s got your most up to date url and contact info.

The poster acts as a visual cv & history of your art biz so far.

It’s a unique way to present the information and different from the “same old same old” text list of accomplishments.

Where does it go?

Well, anywhere really.

Put it on your about page, contact and bio page.

Include it in your press kit and media page with a higher res download available for the media.

Mount a larger version for display during shows, conventions, fairs and markets.

Print a postcard version to hand out and “break the ice” while you put some of your new networking charms into play.

Time to Send Out the Souvenirs...

Marietta uses hers as an application image for grants, shows, and contests. It’s a “go to” image she can point people to online that quickly and easily encapsulates what she’s doing and what she’s about.

This is a visual representation of your art biz.

You decide the most important & meaningful aspects of your creative path to include that will best illustrate your core value and message to your audience.

Great twist on the old CV – thanks Marietta!

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