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This one is probably my favourite to work with. Similar enough to watercolour paper to move around and bleed and be awesome, but different enough to not be watercolour paper… which would be boring.

I need to find out if Kawairi Chiri paper is made in white.

Kawairi Chiri Rice Paper Test

You can totally flatten these easy with a night under something heavy.
(fun for everyone!)

More product information:

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This month I tested 10 rice papers with watercolour, acrylic, micron & copic pens and my trusty Pentel brush pen.
If you like to skip ahead – my favourites were Kawairi Chiri, Masa & Kingin.

Copic marker portrait demo of Jad Abumrad from WNYC’s Radiolab.

This is from a free booklet that Copic makes available to it’s retailers and customers. This colour wheel is in the middle of the booklet and so helpful in understanding how Copic numbers their markers and how to choose a selection that will blend well together.     Pay attention to all the instructions down […]

I’ve put together the colours I generally use for portraits. I especially like using the green and purple for deeper shadows. It stops everything from looking too ‘brown-yellow’ and they’re light enough and sheer enough to layer. Some darker shadows: E04, E13,E53 Olive, Eastern and African skins can use combinations of E13, E15, E17, E25, […]

Here’s my Yupo paper test. It’s pretty cool. And here’s the final scanned so you can have a closer look. The Yupo was pretty fun.

I tested Copic markers on a variety of supports to see about saturation, bleed and blendability. This is the final bit scanned so you can get a closer look:   [wufoo username=”lezleydavidson” formhash=”z7x3x5″ autoresize=”true” height=”433″ header=”show”]

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The doctor looks like a crazy clown. I don’t have really good skin tones – but overall, they blend fantastic and are really fun to use.This is on Stonehenge paper. I’m going to try watercolour paper next. – Posted using [wufoo username=”lezleydavidson” formhash=”z7x3x5″ autoresize=”true” height=”433″ header=”show”]