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So there it is. The Cover. With ‘cartoon Bif Naked‘ and our pets. It’s almost a cliche – but I love it.

There’s a bit of a farewell in this. I will not be posting to Peeling Onions in the same way in the future. Volume III is the last Peeling Onions as a strictly autobio webcomic. I WILL be posting, I will STILL be making comics and they will still be AUTOBIO comics. (because apparently, I most resonate when I talk about my life… and I’m okay with that. Now.)

There are new things coming… that involve comics and blog posts and links and video. I’ve wandered (wondered) around in experiments in the past… and this may turn out as fruitless, or not. We’ll see how it goes.

As always – thank YOU for being here with me. There’s no point to any of this if you’re not here to receive it.

Right. So, I’m off to Peel the Onion… one layer at a time.

I wove tea towels between the inner pages, but nothing could save the back cover…
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