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I haven’t been making much art over the past few months and it’s started to make me cranky.

But when I sat down to start painting, I got stuck.

What stuck me

He's Sneaky [EXPLORE]
Stuck – help!Henry Stern / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

I’ve been focused on goal-oriented art for the past 5 years and I haven’t been flexing my free-form creative muscles much.

When given the opportunity to paint anything, I found myself stalled.

Approaching your art with re-purposing ideas in place can be a really great way to expand your revenue base.

“…hrmmm, what else will I do with this piece?”

  • cards
  • prints, canvas reproductions
  • products on Zazzle, Red Bubble or Society 6
  • offer as digital
  • included in an anthology or published book
  • licensing opportunities

…I’m used to thinking this way about my art (predominantly comics), but it was really messing with my ability to go big and loose and enjoy my creativity – without boundaries, expectations or purpose.

I needed to just create for the love and enjoyment… but I was stuck, stuck, stuck.

Back to basics

Gel Rollers Baby!Sterlic / Foter / CC BY

I put away the brushes, the paint, the palette, the watercolour paper, the terraskin and the wooden supports and picked up some gel roller pens and small sheets of paper.

Back to basics. Back to drawing. Simple line and shape.

The rule was… f*ck it, whatever.

No concern about results. Just draw lines and shapes and fill the piece of paper. Just do it because it’s fun and and relaxing.

No goals. No re-purposing. Just the doing…

…and it worked.

For a few weeks, I sat with my love in the living room with a hard book on my lap and just doodled. Just doodled with line and shape. Just enjoyed making marks on paper.

Marks on Paper:

These are only about 4″ x 5″.

Just Make Anything – Even Crap

Roughs and Sketches

Roughs and Sketches

Especially crap…

The doodles worked for me to break my goal-oriented thought process when I approach a new piece of art.

What also helped was painting god-awful test roughs in my sketchbook.

All of it got me away from being focused on the result and revenue stream options and back into creating.

What do you do to get you unstuck?
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