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Steve Jobs innovation creativityI can’t believe I’ve never posted a blog about this… so ta dah!

New video post about creativity and innovation.

This is based on a PechaKucha talk I gave at The Varley Gallery about the importance of creative arts to innovation.

If you want to lick the tasty nugget right now, basically my thesis is that creativity and imagination are more important than science and technology.

Creativity and imagination create the innovative ideas that spur the development of science and technology – not the other way around.

If we want to encourage and support new innovation in science and technology in the future – we need to invest in the creative arts NOW.


The Audience at The Varley Gallery



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I haven’t been making much art over the past few months and it’s started to make me cranky. But when I sat down to start painting, I got stuck.

The Talent Myth debunked – creativity is an essential human need and part of our membership in the tribe and our question for self-actualization.