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question-marks-2215_960_720From most of my clients I hear some form of “I don’t know who wants my work” or “I don’t know where to sell” or “I have no idea about where I can find customers.”

Target market, analytics, segments, demographics… ugh.

Most of use don’t give two figs over that kind of stuff… and you don’t have to do all that “marketing” razzamatazz to get a sense of who is most likely to buy your work and where you can find them.

The Psychology of Customers

Old_town_art_fair_Chicago_2014Chances are (unless you’ve never shown your work in public to anyone, ever… in which case we actually need to be having a different conversation), you’ve been getting compliments and excited responses from your target market already – you just didn’t know they were your market.

Family, friends and community responses to our art give us a tonne of information about the kinds of people to which our art will speak.

Give the “vibe” credit.


Showing our work in public is necessary for us to start collecting the information about what kinds of people are responding positively and what kinds of people don’t care. On a very general basis – “like calls to like” and people who are like yourself on some level will respond most passionately to your work.

The people in your life that have a similar “vibe” to you and those that respond most passionately about your art is the place to start.


Ask yourself some questions

whoareyourbestcustomerscoverTake these downloads and fill out the questions in them about the people that are already excited and interested in your work.

Even if they haven’t bought yet – if they’re responding positively and consistently positive (and it’s not your mom) – fill these questions out for as many of them as you feel you can.

You’ll start to see very definite patterns in who these people are, what they like, where they hang out and how you can talk to them about your work.

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There is a psychology to your customer and the more you can think about them consciously and point out the commonalities with them – the more information you’ll gather around who the customers are, where they hang out and how you can talk to them.


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CRM means “Customer Relationship Management” and Batchbook is my tool of choice.