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Graphitint were the surprise winners in my recent experimentations. I’ll be digging further into them in a later video.

I’m still not 100% sold on the results so far. The graphite underlay seems to be deadening the watercolour – though I’ve done this technique before and had excellent results. Namely the image to the left.

This portrait was rendered with
graphite with watercolour on top.



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I’m on an experimental kick – trying to discover a way to blend graphite rendering and watercolour together in a pleasing joy bomb. There is no joy. The graphite dulls the watercolour and makes it “dirty”…. Hmph. I will keep trying.         More product information   As always – links to products […]

I’ve been experimenting with a mixed media approach to watercolour and this one test ballooned into 3 watercolour and graphite tests. This one, graphite powder and Graphitint pencils and watercolour. Come join me down the rabbit hole of graphite and watercolour!     More product information   As always – links to products used are […]

I spent an hour experimenting with a variety of media on the new Terraskin paper. Terraskin is a polymer paper, like Yupo, but it is coated in limestone and is known as a “stone” paper.

We’re on a resist kick this month and let’s texture it up with more wax-based options.

Ta dah!
Oil pastels should be included here, but I was too lazy (and cheap) to get some just for this video.

Sharlena Wood has been a Featured Artist in the past, but today we do something a little different and share her mixed media process with you through this fiery Phoenix piece.

We can add dynamism and life to our paintings by using our brushes as pressurized and versatile tools that can be mark makers and form and shape creators in their own right. In this video I experiment with brush strokes to suggest uses and hopefully inspire you to investigate more of what your brush has to offer.

Is 3 months too long? Najla Cabello asked for me to do a demo like this back in JULY. Sorry it took me so long Najla! Hope it’s not too late for your purposes. And for the rest of us – huzzah! A time lapse masking video. The final image. I have no idea why […]

Some people can do negative painting really well – they can think that way and “see” where the negative spaces are.

I suck at it.

So, I use masking fluid to block out the positive so that I can paint freely in the negatives. Yay!