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I’m part of a couple Facebook groups that have been talking about calendars and organizing – which I love, but it’s also timely since I’ve been working on The 2015 Almanac lately and it always makes me happy and excited for what’s coming up.

I’m making changes and adding more ideas and info and adding some worksheets and changing up the designs…

Since I’m not building it from scratch like I did last year, it’s given me the breathing room to think *about* the Almanac, and why it works, why it’s so important.

Everyone knows that organization is good, that planning is good… but why? Why does it matter?

Why does planning & organization make such a huge difference??

Anchor Intention

When we think of what we want to accomplish in the coming year for our creative biz – it’s just a melange of bits and scraps and ideas, emotions, desires, half-thought out plans, random excitements and stuff you read on Facebook.


It’s just a field of random maybes.

Thinking & imagining doesn’t get stuff done. It’s important – don’t get me wrong… thinking and especially imaging are key concepts along the way.

But what really gets shit done is the doing shit.

Just DO the shit.

If we show up and do the work – ta dah! Create the art. Create the inventory. Shift the biz into the next level.

Doing is easier when we break down complicated projects into doable bits and assign due dates to the action tasks!

Assigning a due date anchors our intention to Earth. It’s the bridge between “imagine” & “creation” that’s crucial to manifest physical reality.

Creating a due date and sticking to it plant the roots that our dreams need to grow int he physical world.

Get it out of your head and into real life.


That’s crazy lady.

Trying to remember and hold crap in your head all the time is exhausting and probably contributes to heart disease.*

Don’t try and remember everything you’re planning and wanting to do all year – you’ll give yourself a one way ticket to crazy town. (and probably end up being super bitchy. That’s mental abuse – that’s what it is. MENTAL. ABUSE. Stop it.)

Trust your tools.

Put it where it belongs and then forget about that be-yotch until it’s time to work the magic and do it then.

Don’t waste regular time and energy on tasks that are out of the NOW. (We are so fucking zen).

Next in The Almanac series:

Ditch your List

(I know you love it – let it go, it’s not what you think it is.)

*Doesn’t contribute to heart disease.

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