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Embrace the Rejection

I’ve had requests to make videos about setting up and using a MailChimp account (subscriber list, opt-ins, autoresponders – all of that glorious awesomeness).
So, I’ve been doing that – you’ll get to see it… later (actually – that is VERY soon).

Yesterday I was recording a bit about people unsubscribing from my list – which always sucks and feels like rejection (which it is), and it’s hard to deal with and I’m a big baby and want to go cry… wah wah – get over it Lezley, right?

…but – there’s more to it than that. Rejection is a fundamental aspect of business…
If you’re doing it right.
If you’re getting rejected and are receiving complaints – be heartened… it’s a good thing.

Rejection and complaints means you’re being real enough to piss someone off and polarize your audience into those that get you and connect to you… and those that don’t.

Renato Ganoza / Foter / CC BY

If you’re middle of the road without conviction or personality… you offend no one, but you won’t be building a rabidly loyal audience that will trumpet you to all their friends on Twitter & Facebook either.

If you get rejections and complaints, it means you’re developing an audience that is passionate and cares enough about what you’re doing to want you to stop whatever it is that they don’t like.
(which is a post for another day – the balance between being true to your path and keeping your audience happy)

The truth is… is someone unsubscribes from your list – GOOD. They weren’t your people anyway.

Begone vile creature. Soil not my mailing list.

I just stumbled across this today. And it’s perfect:

“Do not chase people.
Be you and do your own thing and work hard.
The right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay.”

~Wu Tang

It’s like dating.

What would you prefer: acting in a way that will make people like you?
Or being truly and wholly yourself and attracting someone who’s core connected to who you really are?

It’s hard to be rejected and know that who you are and what you create isn’t good enough or right enough for some people.

Fuck those people.

Who you are and what you create is categorically amazing for your perfect right people.

And you’ll find those perfect right people by being brave enough to be exactly who you really are… creating and living and breathing your awesome core self… everywhere.

Let’s celebrate those that reject us – they make more room for the truly resonant to share our space.

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The REAL benefit of communication with your list is the EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE that you provide for them every time they interact with your brand.

So… your list is a collection of qualified leads that give you permission to send them email. They expect value and they expect to be pitched… you’re going to (hopefully) attempt to sell them stuff.

33 Days of Mailchimp ~ a home study step by step class on everything you need to build a loyal subscriber list of people who love what you do and want to hear from you.

Use SNAP from Mailchimp to send quick and easy image-based updates to your email list – the perfect format for the creative entrepreneur to connect deeply to their list of fans.

I have 3 different businesses that I was trying to mash into one. It’s time to segment my list into interest groups and only give the people the information that they’re interested in.

The constant asking and reminding that you do this work is part of having a business. Don’t worry – It’s really way less obnoxious to the people in your life than you think it is.

There is a foul stench around here… and it’s the smelly pile of puke that a bigger email list is a better email list.

Smells like bullshit.