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Artist Myth #10: Your Art is So Good that One Day You’ll Be Discovered

There is no shortage of artists producing very good work. I see lots of it every day. It takes more than just believing in yourself as an artist and creating good art to have an art business. ~Aletta de Wal


Sadly, Life Isn’t Like Hogwarts

amanky / Foter

There is no magical means to ferret out wonderful hidden talent. There is no Hagrid delivering your life-changing art world acceptance letter.

No one is going to knock on your studio door and give you a gallery show and licensing contracts. You could literally be the greatest gift to art this millenium and it means exactly squat if no one knows.

Look For an Audience

..because they are NOT looking for you. No one cares about you or what you’re doing. No one is going to come looking for you. No one gives a fart in a rain barrel about your art …until they do.

They didn’t know they wanted you
until you showed them what they were missing.


The reACTion Lab:

sicoactiva / Foter

This is your task as an artist – make sure that people know about you… then when they know, make sure they care.

One of the ways you can do that is by using environments when displaying your art on your website. Visually putting your art into people’s homes and lives:

  • take pictures of your art in the homes of collectors &/or friends and family
  • us Photoshop or Gimp to create promo pictures of your art in environments >> homes, galleries, offices, public spaces, in consignment stores…
  • show examples of configurations, mulitples and series of your work hung together to create impact
  • show your work in a variety of rooms
  • consider showing smaller pieces as not just wall art, but on shelving and other non-traditional placings
  • show people interacting with your art – contemplating, enjoying, as beautiful backdrop to parties and gatherings, as focus for discussion
  • show pictures of you creating the work >> invite collectors into the artistic process >> give them connection to the creation process

    Show us why you matter >> make us see your work in our lives >> make us want to live and work with your art.

    THIS is how to show your work in an environment and connect to buyers.

    Show us what we’re missing.

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