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Which way is up?
Mrs eNil / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

I’ve been guilty of this in the past.

I come to the end of a big launch or event and the people’s are happy with their things and the money’s in the bank.

“Glad that’s over…” I think.


Now I can relax.

Pffft… yeah. For like a minute.

It’s common – and really, after a big promotional push of related blog posts, emails, scheduled social media updates, snail mail, videos, press releases and pinterest posts – OF COURSE you’re done… right?

Then I hit myself with the reality stick (or my scheduled Buffer update reminder goes off in Things), and I realize…

You’re never done with the marketing part.

I’m sorry. True story.

You may go extra big promo-sane when you’ve got a big event or sale or launch of a series:

  • special invites/postcards email & snail mailed
  • photo

  • event-specific blog posts written and scheduled to point to and bring focus to your event
  • social media posts scheduled on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr… (or where ever else you hangout online) to link to event and provide info of event
  • new page on your website devoted to the event &/or promotion with details, maps, event times/locations &/or special instructions (this is also known as a “landing page”
  • behind the scenes videos or setting up videos or process videos scheduled to post to YouTube and then to other social media sites to promote your event.
  • send out press releases to online & offline publications – making sure to hit your community papers and art groups – especially if you’re a member!
  • post process pics with event info on Pinterest and Instagram – make short art process Vines or videos on Instagram and post event details

Whew… and all of that is all related to just your upcoming event.

Then when it’s over –

…you go back to regularly scheduled marketing: blog post updates, Instagrams, WIP’s, status updates, newsletters, snail mail.

You’re an Entrepreneur. You’re never “off”.

You’ll always be marketing.

You are your own business. You are your brand. You’re always “on”.

Use this to your advantage.

Accept that you’re always marketing early on, have business cards always at the ready and never shy away from telling people what you do and where they can find you!

The internet is a fickle mistress.

You’re only as remembered as your last great post or image.

Then you’re forgotten.

But she’ll take you back just as quick.

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