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Evolution-des-wissens_-_BlueSeriously… artists and creatives of all kinds are integral to the evolution of the human species.

We need your vision and connection to things unseen.

It’s integral to the next step in our evolution.


Let me back up a minute.

The Rainbow Bridge Evolution

I think that Creation is pretty efficient and that we can see systems and processes repeated endlessly in all different permutations.

I think our evolution as a species has likely followed a similar path to energy as it flows through our chakra body system, becoming more evolved and advanced at each stage.

In the current stage of evolution, we stand poised at the 4th Chakra.

The Heart Bridge.

This represents a leap for us as a species. It’s a leap from the physical, “all that we know is what we see” kind of system into one that embraces love and the unseen spirit realm as just as real, just as fundamental as the touchable physical realm.

aura-chart1The Chakra system is 7 energy wheels or vortices that correspond to major anatomy areas of the body and also regulate the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our manifestation.

All the chakras work together to create an integrally whole functioning organism that is balanced in all areas of existence.

The Chakras are built upon and reflect one another in aspect and influence.

The following is just a small taste of the Chakra system and my understanding of how our human evolution has followed the same path of development.

If you’d like to learn more about Chakras and our bodies as a collection of energies, you may be interested in one of these books that I have studied from over the years:

The Barbara Brennan books are great as an introduction to the whole “body as an energy system” topic – it also has super pictures. The Anodea Judith book is very deep, very thorough – probably the best and if I was to recommend just one – that would be it.


1: Base Chakra – Red

Chakra 1This is the survival chakra… getting enough food to eat and feeling safe. This is the most “selfish” chakra as it hasn’t actually gone beyond self – it’s simply our own individual survival. Escaping from predators and being a predator on food sources to live.

It’s pretty basic in it’s functioning – but necessary.

2: Sacral Chakra – Orange

cha2sThis is the chakra of unconscious creation, sexuality & the duality of self and others. This is where family connections and tribal connections are formed. This chakra is where we learn to be part of a group… and that some people aren’t part of that group.

3: Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow

cha3sThis is the center of will. The will to do, the will to know.

It is often characterized by “dominion over” thinking – where the stronger overpowers the weak and the smart takes advantage of the stupid. This chakra also characterizes the drive to improve – both self and situation…

It is a beneficial chakra in terms of physical progress, however it has a problem being balanced in power with others.

This is where society has been for several thousand years… and we’re moving out of it now… moving to cross the heart bridge.

4 The Heart Bridge

cha4sThe Heart Bridge is the key to wholeness.

It’s the bridge that joins our physical bodies with the spiritual world.

We cannot have a truthful, functioning relationship with divinity or spirit while the heart chakra remains closed.

Many try to skirt around the heart chakra, but without an immersion in love, compassion and empathy – divinity becomes the judgey, finger pointing whacko that we see in the news these days.

Opening the heart bridge can turn everything on it’s head… especially if we’ve avoided it before now.

Everything below the bridge is primarily based in exclusion (with the exception of people like yourself, in your “tribe”). The lower 3 chakras function basically by serving the self.

This is what they are meant to do.

Everything above the heart is based in inclusion – it’s rooted in the undeniable truth that all things are part of an indivisible whole that’s never been separate, never been apart and anything less than that is to fundamentally misunderstand existence.

This is scary.

Many, many people are stuck at the 3rd chakra level – the pinnacle of modern first world society; the will to do, to make, to build, to grow, to accumulate… but it excludes so many and easily makes slaves of the rest.

We can’t move forward in our evolution without emotion. We can’t move forward without compassion, empathy and love – for all things. Welcome to the mixed blessing of the Heart.

This is one of the bigger jokes that Creation has pulled on us.

We can’t feel the safety and unconditional love and welcome in our indivisible universe without also opening our hearts to all the ways that we shit on that reality every day.

It’s worth it… but that’s exactly why people resist and are afraid of crossing the heart bridge.

To open to oneness means that we will feel the rejection of every living thing that we’ve ever dismissed as unimportant, as not having feelings, as being less worthy…

The plants, the animals, our brothers and sisters on Earth – every one that’s ever been treated with less than love and acceptance is a major fuck up of the truth.

“Fall on our face” forgiveness.

Luckily, we have “fall on our face forgiveness” – so move on from there because it’s so much better on the other side of the bridge.

An open heart of like a reflection of the base chakra – except it includes all things.

The heart chakra is like the seat of the spiritual body – the beginning of our eternal self and understanding of the oneness of the physical world.

Everything flows through the heart of love…

5 The Throat Chakra

cha5sThis is the chakra of truth & communication.

It is a reflection of the 2nd chakra of connection – but this is a conscious creation and communication from the position of the universal family. This tribe for the 5th chakra is all of creation.

6 The Third Eye

imagesThis chakra has gotten a lot of play in pop culture. (Just Google “third eye” in an image search. Amazing.)

It’s also the chakra associated with the pineal gland – which science is still pretty sketchy about understanding.

The third eye is about knowing, seeing and understanding in truth. It’s related to the 3rd chakra of will power as it is the ability to forsee what can be created from the truth of our unity.

7 The Crown

cha7sHere we are at the Godhead.

This is the seat of Divinity. It acts as the 3rd “base”. It is the base for the I AM.

It is the individuation point of our divinity into the physical world.

It is the knowledge that we have been one with god this whole time.

In fact the crown is our literal crown – the knowledge of who we really are.

We are God.

You and I. The trees. The Earth. The water. The animals and insects. The blackholes. The nebulas. All of Creation has always been God. Divine oneness.

Everyone we meet in our day is coming face to face with God.

Wow… we f*ck that up something spectacular, don’t we?

That’s why I laugh when I’m accused of being arrogant or people think it’s hubris that I would proclaim that we are god.

That I am God and you are God. We are God together.We are God Hari Bhajan Kaur

There is nothing arrogant about it. It’s humbling to go about my day and realize how poorly I live up to that truth. It’s laughable really, but I keep trying.

I know you do too.

Soul First bitches – HI-FIVES!!

The “Point”

I'm glad he's dead. Maybe he can get his shit together now.

I’m glad he’s dead. Maybe he can get his shit together now.

The purpose of our healing and evolution is to work through our shit and allow the higher levels of the system to inhabit and take over the lower levels.

Right now we are evolving as a species to open and allow the heart bridge to become the new “root” for humanity.

The whole species is taking a leap forward and understanding life on a whole new level.

This shift has been happening for thousands of years – but in our lifetime it’s becoming more apparent.

She can heal her shit any time. Honestly - this is child abuse.

She can heal her shit any time. Honestly – this is child abuse.

Those that resist this shift become more and more desperate to preserve their comfort level and status quo that they start looking and sounding a little cuckoo.

I see now that we are hitting a wave… a “critical mass” that will just continue to hasten the connection across the heart bridge and shift the foundations upon which we base our society.

I know that it can be scary and feel unstable right now… but you are part of this evolution. You are a MAJOR player in this shift.

Haven’t you always felt that you are here for a reason and have important things to share?

You ARE.

And you DO.

The Shamans of the Modern Day

That’s a quote about artists and creatives from Joseph Campbell. We love him here.

We love Fred Rogers too:

Fred Rogers Helpers

The creatives are the Shamans today.

The writers, artists, film-makers, musicians… they are the ones who will guide us through to the next step in our humanity.

It’s always been this way.

We’ve always done this work.

We take the spirit messages from the heart level and above and make them manifest in the physical world.

We have always done this work.

You are a conduit for

the Universe

to speak and be heard.

You are the voice and the thought and the heart of creation communicating to the rest of us through images and words and stories and music.

Fred Rogers Our Life Makes a Difference

You are the light workers of the world.

With every creation you make it easier for this shift to occur.

With every song, story, illustration, film, painting, sculpture – you add your connection to the Heart Bridge.

Your work strengthens the bridge and invites more to cross.

Your work holds the door open.

The Desire

My whole life I’ve felt an unstoppable urge to communicate truth with the world.

It sounds fucking arrogant.. and I’ve struggled with that & wrestled… until I finally accepted that it just is what it fucking is.

It just is what it fucking is.

I have truth to share – and the desire to share my truth is bigger than my concerns about being perceived as arrogant.

I have truth to share – but it is just MY truth and will speak to those who vibe with my truth and that is all.

There are an infinity of ways to cross the heart bridge – and WE NEED THEM ALL.

This is my way – this is my contribution…

To always be reminding you that the voices in your heart are real…

…that you are here to make them heard… reminding you to believe…

…that there are only two things that are true; it’s all loving and inclusive…

…that you are participating in something much bigger than yourself…

…that all of Creation IS speaking through you… that you’ve been right all along…

It’s all real… it’s all true… and you are here to do this.

Please do this.

Your way is the right way. And right for all those people waiting for only what you can do.

Love your way.

Now go… and listen.

The Universe is waiting to talk to you.

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