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I stumbled across Michal’s watercolours on deviantArt some time ago. I find my way back to his site every few weeks to bask in the glory of his colour.

I love how this guy paints. I love the colour washes, the flow, the lost edges and the light in his work. I love the layers and the depth to his glazes.

Michal Orlowski inspires me to be a better watercolour painter. To take risks with colour and value and put more contrast in my work.


I love it like I love a good Electrical Storm.

©Michal Orlowski


©Michal Orlowski


©Michal Orlowski

This is just the tip of the iceburg. He’s got a whole website filled with gorgeous watercolours.

I fucking love this guy.

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Carrying on with our Imaginism Studios series – we’ve got… Peter Chan! If I’m not mistaken (and please interwebz – let me know if this isn’t correct), I believe Peter Chan hooked up with Imaginism Studios through a co-op placement while Peter was attending Sheridan.

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