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I’ve always been a crappy photographer… I get distracted by too much beauty and try and cram the whole panorama of gorgeous reality into my shot… or else I’m totally focused on one element and don’t pay attention to the clutter that’s crowding my lens and making another picture fail.

©2012 This is Terrible by Lezley Davidson

I’ve seen great photographers take a busy scene with competing points of view then frame an interesting and dynamic composition into their focus and ‘click’, capture a beautiful image. This is what you have to do with your art marketing – cut out the clutter and focus your marketing intentions on the frame that you choose for the next 3-6 months.


3 to 6 Months – WTF?!?

Yes… 3 to 6 months. If you immediately have thousands and thousands of people visiting your blog and viewing your art and events daily, you’ll be able to see shifts in conversion and traffic direction in several weeks and make changes accordingly. However if you’re like most artist’s starting out, you’re just beginning to build a list and an audience and your traffic will take time to grow. Smaller traffic requires a longer time period to test what campaigns and activities are working.


Frame & Focus

Frame your marketing plan with upfront goals. What’s the desired outcome over the next 6 months?

  • build your list?
  • make more sales?
  • gain a bigger name / more web presence?
  • networking with peers &/or mentors?
  • guest posting?
  • gain attention of galleries & collectors?
  • Publishers? Editors? Art Directors?

Where do you want to go? What / who do you want to impact? It’s a big wide world of art out there… deciding your goals for the next 6 months will make it easier to make a plan and choose action items  more likely to get results in your desired arena.


Specifics Help

Be specific about your goals and break them down monthly.

  • how many more people on your list? how many per month?
  • how much more money in sales?
  • who do you want to know that you exist / begin having conversations with respected names in your industry?
  • what specific galleries / collectors are you targeting? do your homework and know your genre
  • what publishers? editors? art directors? what publications? industries?

All decisions about time, effort, promotion and dollars will be focused and framed by your desired outcomes. Breaking your goals down monthly gives your a more manageable set of actions to work on.



There’s a lot of online marketing options to choose from – social media, newsletters, blogs, art sharing sites.  Framing your goals and breaking them down will into manageable months will make focusing your art marketing efforts to fruition much, much easier.


What are your art marketing goals for the next 3 months? How do you frame your actions and stay focused on your outcomes?

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