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As an artist, you need to create great quality photos to post on your website, email and on social media to really leverage the “POW” of your art image and grow exposure and an audience.
You need access to affordable tools.

This is the difference between a regular scan (left) and a scan that was edited for levels and saturation in Photoshop.

This is the difference between a regular scan (left) and a scan that was edited for levels and saturation in Photoshop (right).

I’m currently hawking wares on precisely that subject here, and here. Go get it and make kick ASS photos of your art.

So. Expensive.

Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, Elements…

Most of the default photo editing software choices are EXPENSIVE.

Like… prohibitively expensive.

A barrier to entry expensive.

If you’re just starting out – you don’t necessarily have $700, or even $100 to spend on the software that you NEED, to get your art looking it’s best to be shared around the interweb.

WTF do you do NOW?


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The internet is amazing pants and filled with free tools to help you run your biz – connect, promote, organize and stay on point.

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Recently Updated with more Alternatives!

You go and read this amazing pants article by and realize that you love open source and all is right with the world.


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We can’t just be stealing images off the Googles to prettify our blog posts anduse as reference for our art… As much as we’d love to – it’s rife with legalities. Here are some options that promise inspiration without the infringement.

I love me my MailChimp.