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Yep, I did it again.

Unlike last year, I did not try some Herculean task of attempting semi-originals (except I kinda did) by spot-painting a bunch of Christmas cards.

I did hand-draw some Christmas elements onto existing postcards and ended up with a pretty fun pile of Holiday greetings that are winging their way out all over the world today.

This year my mailing list tripled… and next year I won’t be able to do any hand embellishments – except my signature and greeting.

So enjoy it while it lasts people – :P.

Christmassy-CardsI like the idea of my art (however goofy), living in people’s homes all over the world.

That’s just kinda cool.

But I mostly did it to say thank you.

“Thank You.”

You guys make what I’m doing worth it.

It is a thrill for me each and every time you post excited and inspired messages and ideas and plans on my Facebook page, or my inbox.

I get fired up because it’s like closing a circuit – I know that you’re getting what I’m feeling about the value and importance of your art.

You’re getting it and it’s getting you moving and acting and putting plans in motion.

There’s truly no greater feeling than seeing small incremental tasks come to fruition and change the course of your life.

CircleFractalsYou complete me. (lol)

Cheesy, but in a very real way it’s true.

I don’t experience the fullness of my belief-filled actions until it’s received.

Thank you for receiving me… and being the kind of awesome people I choose to spend my days with.

I’ll be doing it again.

Sending out cards, I mean.

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Happy Holidays Y’All.