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I don’t know that I’ve ever said this specifically – I may have alluded to it, but I wanted to say SPECIFICALLY – here in Soul First all the names of Divinity are embraced and acknowledged as meaning all the others as well.

You say Allah – I agree.

You say Jehovah – I agree. BlindMen&Elephant

You say Divine Presence – I agree.

Krishna – agreed.

Source – agreed.

Flying Spaghetti Monster – agreed.

Core – agree.

Shine – agree.

Quantum Physics – agree.

Resonance – agree.

Frequency – agree.

Love – agree.

Creation – agree.

The Universe – agree.

Buddha – agree.

Shiva – agree.

Etc. – agree.

It’s probably pretty ridiculous to think that we could accurately name the One – trying to name the infinte with a finite mind.

Silly, really.

Anyways – just wanted to put that on record.

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“God” is icky. Let’s rename it.

It’s true. We need a new form of reference. The old one is creepy and sticky and icky and carries a whole lot of crap that just isn’t true. “The Force” is the closest thing to truth that I’ve ever known. “The Beloved Presence” I like because it’s personal and close and huggy… how about […]

I said it out loud.

Oooh, so serious. 😀 Sharing my beliefs is way more scary than sharing my life and emotional state. Have you noticed that I can’t seem to get away from autobio? I’m still in process about what I’m doing with the comics. I just don’t know yet…

Good Friday

I’ve never understood why it’s called “Good Friday”. How can the crucifixion of a man be ‘good’ or cleanse me of my sins? Châtâ, ‘âshâm, ‛âvôn, shâgâh and pesha‛ are the most common Hebrew words in the Old Testament for sin and actually mean; “missing the mark”, “trespass”, “inequity”, “ignorance” and “revolt”. Nope, no mortal […]