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Today I want to talk to you about my truth about God.

Bum bum BUUUUUM.


This is actually a really important video just because this is what I believe about life so it kind of underpins all my videos as the foundation for every conversation we’re ever going to have because – I believe actually that God is everything.

Absolutely everything. Everything that’s ever existed or exists now or ever will exist is God.

There is nothing outside of God. There’s nothing that’s exempt. There is nothing that can exist that can be outside of God – even what’s outside of God is part of God. The void also God.

Being… Not being – God.

There’s nothing that exists outside of it and it’s all one. One day I’ll tell you about why I believe this – right now, today, I’ll just tell you about what I believe.

I think the infiniteness of it – just the mind-bending noodling infinity of the idea of God being absolutely everything – forever and ever is what we’re trying to approach.

When we say the word “God”, when you think about infinite scale – infinitely small to infinitely huge… that’s God. That’s what I think we’re trying to approach when we say “God”.

God is awe.

…I hate the word “God”.

I hate it SO MUCH, because it’s wholly insufficient to say “God” and have that mean all of the everything and all of the universe forever and all of existence and nonexistence since the beginning of anything, FOR EVER.

So it’s totally inefficient.

Totally inefficient and also carrying a lot of baggage. Quite frankly, the word “God” carries so much baggage with it that I hate it.

It’s gross.

It’s a gross word. “God” doesn’t mean awe. It carries bigotry, misogyny and oppression, murder and genocide. I mean it’s not really the first word that I would choose to call the infinity of love and all things that have ever existed ever will exist. It’s totally insufficient.

A friend of mine, Paula Watters uses the word “Gus”.

It’s an acronym for a Great Universal Spirit. I love the intention of it but I can’t use gus either because it reminds me of guys I went to school with – good guys, but not generally approaching the awe that I have for the infinity of all things.

The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Huff

It’s like with the Tao – as soon as you name it you’ve lost it. As soon as your mind tries to comprehend it, if you think you’ve got it you – you don’t have it.

What we’re trying to talk about is something that we’re never going to be able to encapsulate in words. We’re never going to be able to even think about the totality of it.

You can get close in mystical experiences in just experiencing and being in the reality.

That is God.

But that’s about it.

And we never really we never are going to be able to talk about this in words that are sufficient. I think words are important – I just I hate the word God and I just don’t think we have a good word yet.

God is like Pi or Zero

I’d like to call it something like pi.

Pi is an infinite number that never repeats – the sequences never repeat. NEVER.

And that’s amazing. Nissim Haramein said that everything exists within PI. If you look long enough you’ll find the actual date and manner of your death. You’ll find the name of every person that you’ve ever known or loved in this lifetime that every person’s name is in PI that everything that’s ever existed or will ever exist exists in PI.

That’s amazing. It’s the relationship of a circle to its diameter. I mean I don’t know math, but it is cool and there’s so much symbolism – there’s so much symbolic meaning that everything can exist within a finite space.

That infinity exists within a finite space. In PI.

The same thing is in zero – zero to me is one of those things. Zero represents a value, and the value is nothing.

I love stuff like that.

I love the symbology of numbers and the symbology of math because to me we’re not just talking about math. It’s not just numbers, we’re talking about reality. They represent realities and ideas and thoughts about the world.

That’s what numbers do. That’s what math is. I mean, we made up math.

We fucking made up math.

…alright, we’ll get we’ll talk about math later.

God is Beloved Presence

OK I call God Beloved Presence just because that’s how it feels to me.

It’s a “present” and a presence that’s here – all the time. It’s not some watchmaker God that made the universe and then ran away to hang out and drink tea.

God exists in every little fundamental particle and wave and every little bit of this thing that we’re living. It is beloved. It is loving and loved – I love the beloved presence and the beloved presence loves me.

It is beloved it is loved and loving.

And it is present and it is in our presence.

This is something that I think is really really important for me to get across and I’ll try and get this across as much as I can as often as I can – God exists here now everywhere and has never left and is existent in everything.

At every moment Beloved Presence is here and is accessible for anyone, at any time, for any reason.

What I wish for all of humanity, forever, is to have the experience of feeling God in their life.

That is the experience of feeling fully alive.

That’s the same thing to me and that I think is what we should all be striving for every day is to feel that as much as possible in our life because it transforms us and absolutely transforms us into a different reality.

It transforms us to live a life where we know and experience that everything in it is God.

It can’t help but change us. But. Most of us forget.

We Forget

I think actually we were born into this life knowing this and then we experience the hardships of life and it just gets beat out of us and we forget. We forget that the reality of life is that God is everywhere and everything.

There was a time in my life where I knew and experienced life knowing that God was part of everything and everything and every person that I came into contact with was me meeting God face to face.

It transformed my life for a time, for a while.

I went out into the world expecting, knowing that I would meet God, expecting to meet God, and understanding that every person that I met had something to teach me – that I had something to learn or to know from every single person that crossed my path and that they were also God.

It transformed every interaction I had because how can you not love God when you meet God face to face? How can you not love God.

The universe is in a state of learning about itself.

The universe will meet itself face to face and learn about itself. That’s how the universe is evolving that’s how it’s expanding and growing is that it’s learning about itself through physical manifestation.

Imagine how different the entire world would be if we all went out in our lives and we all believed that every interaction was God meeting God face to face. How would that not transform us?

You don’t have to say “God”.

Our morality and our goodness is not dependent on any concept of God.

I don’t believe that.

But like I said “God” is just a word that I used to describe this awesome thing that I have no other word for. No other word that comes close to the awe that I feel when I consider the universe and all that is and ever will be and ever has been.

How different would it be if everyone we met we believed was God disguised as regular human beings – which in fact, IS our reality. That’s what we are.

To the least of my brethren,
you do unto me.

I’ve always loved that, but I forget.

I forget.

This is a typical “conversation about racism” on Facebook.
©Vic on Flickr

I go out into the world and I forget because people are mean, and people suck and they’re stupid and rude and it’s hard to look at that and see them as God but that’s what we have to do.

Seriously, like that’s the point – to go out and in the face of even the rude and stupid people – to also see them as God and know that they’re God.

So the way I see the world is that everything is God and I can learn about God through everything. Every book can teach me about God – not just the “Bibles”.

All religions are right and all religions are wrong.

Pope John Paul said that all religions are wells to the same flowing waters and that’s a symbolic truth that I absolutely believe: our religions are all right and all wrong.

They are right when they talk about love and unity and wholeness and oneness and goodness and they’re all wrong when they talk about “we’re better” and “you’re wrong” and fracture and separation.

All people, in all places, in all experiences, everything, everything teaches about God the universe and ourselves. We live in a holographic fractal universe where every piece contains the whole and it’s super, super efficient.

There’s way more about us that similar than there is different.

Go out into the world and see how things are similar as opposed to how they’re different.

And that is what I believe about God.
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