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I’m on an experimental kick – trying to discover a way to blend graphite rendering and watercolour together in a pleasing joy bomb.

There is no joy.

The graphite dulls the watercolour and makes it “dirty”….

Hmph. I will keep trying.


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I’ve been experimenting with a mixed media approach to watercolour and this one test ballooned into 3 watercolour and graphite tests. This one, graphite powder and Graphitint pencils and watercolour. Come join me down the rabbit hole of graphite and watercolour!     More product information   As always – links to products used are […]

I spent an hour experimenting with a variety of media on the new Terraskin paper. Terraskin is a polymer paper, like Yupo, but it is coated in limestone and is known as a “stone” paper.

I’ve been trying my hand at a slightly different technique lately, and I’m kinda stoked.

Here’s the sped-up process video.

I’ve included links underneath to all the materials I used, so you can check those out too.

I’ve been experimenting with my colour process thanks to a random question by Kelly McKernan. I’ve started rendering in graphite, so I’ve been trying out some of my blending stomps and powdered graphite to see which will give me the results that I’m looking for. This is the “materials test” video – I’m working on […]

Liquid Pencil combines graphite with watercolour and comes out with a really flexible media to add to your tool box.

Audrey Kawasaki is likely familiar to many of you. She’s wicked awesome.   Beautiful use of wood grain. This is a style copied by many.