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Things that make us happy:

1. Gratitude.
2. Labeling the feels.
3. Making a decision already.
4. Good touch.


It’s neuroscience baby

UpwardSpiralNope, not woo-woo – it’s science.

This list comes from a book called Upward Spiral by Alex Korb, who studied the brain and came up with dozens of straight forward tips on how to keep happy.

Feeling blue? Keep up a gratitude journal… or even perversely, think about losing someone you love and then feel grateful they’re not dead. Macabre – but effective.

Obviously trying to stifle feelings doesn’t seem conducive to mental health. Going a milli-step forward and labeling feelings to yourself; “I’m feeling sad, I’m feeling anxious” can go miles towards improving your mood and mental health. Embrace where you are. No one’s gotta be happy all the time.

Apparently being undecided or doing things that you feel are forced (so not feeling like you’re in control of your own life), contribute to the sads.
Self-portrait with daughter Julie
If we choose to do those exact same things – bingo! Dopamine hit and suddenly we’re back in the drivers seat and master of the plan. Just DECIDE already… and be happier for it.

I think massage should be covered by OHIP. Could you imagine a world where everyone got government funded massages every month? Less stress, less sadness, less road rage… and apparently, less pain and depression.

Good touch fights depression.

No touch is painful.

It’s all about the hugs people.

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"Soul First" in your InBox


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